When you say you are not going to Noraebong…

February 11th- March 7th

Hello my loved ones! So today, March 7th, is the official 3 months of my being here in Korea! I have settled into my new apartment and in a lot of ways I’ve fully settled into my life here. However, as many of my wonderful and wise friends have told me, 3  months is about the time when you start feeling homesick… they weren’t wrong! I have been having reoccurring dreams of my family as well as walking into a Tims and ordering a donut (priorities right?). Thankfully I have a fantastic friend group here who I can speak to about these troubles openly and some amazing friends back home who will skype me at a moment’s notice. To these people I say, thank you, thank you. thank you.

Given that I haven’t blogged in a month, I am going to be super breezy. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

On Feb 13th I joined Charlie and her friends to attend a Brazilian dinner and dance party. The food was incredible and the music got us all smiling and moving. My favourite song was Mas Que Nada.

On Feb 19th we officially welcomed Adrian to the Avalon team! A night that started out as just dinner quickly snowballed… I’ve learned that when you speak the words “I am not going to Noraebong” you pretty much guarantee that’s what you’re going to do. With a scratchy and sick voice I somehow stuck it out until 6am with the rest of the crew. Sadly that next morning I had to go into work where my biggest accomplishment was not hurling on a student. #winning

On Feb 21st Nicole and I went to a dog cafe! Cuteness ensued.

The following week was really fun at work! We were winding down the semester so I tried to enjoy everything. Included in the pictures below is a fun science experiment proving that the shape of an egg makes it a strong structure, my fantastic drawing skills, the graffiti wall I pass on my walk to work, my Langcon crew at BBQ, and lastly my newest attempt to stay healthy here in Korea. I went to the doctor who told me either my immune system is shot because I’ve never been exposed to the viruses and bacteria here or I’m allergic to the air.

Can you guess where Nicole and I were in that second picture? yup, Noraebong. I joined Nicole’s old co-workers in welcoming 3 newbies to their campus. It felt good not be the “youngest” in a group! We went from dinner to noraebong to dancing to Taco Bell and Nicole and I didn’t get home until 8am! It was a fantastic night though. That next Tuesday we got a day off work for Korea’s Independence Movement Day! Nicole and I visited Cheonggyecheon stream. It was once covered by a highway during Korea’s industry boom but has been restored to an 11km pathway through the heart of Seoul.

That brings me to this past week and weekend! We have started a new semester at work which means I have quite a few new students. Since these were technically my first, first days I tired not to be so hard on myself when nothing went right! I have a challenging class again first-thing M/W/F BUT I am not going to let them bring me down. I told my co-teacher Claire (the sweetest K-teacher at Langcon) that we are going to make this class work. I may have actually used the phrasing “break them” but I was very frustrated at the time.

After a fabulous Saturday night out with Sabrina, Rose, Andrew and all of his friends I hauled my but out of bed yesterday to hike up to Namasan Seoul Tower with Nicole. It was slow-going given my uh, condition but it was a beautiful day and I’m so glad we did it! The views of the mountains and the city were incredible.


That has been a month’s worth of my shenanigans! The weather is warming up here and I am so excited about the spring and summer. I’ve already booked a flight to Jeju for my summer vaycay and am making plans for Amanda’s and Katherine and my mum’s visits! Looking forward with a happy heart!

Annyeong 🙂