Stay Playful, Stay Mindful

May 8th-June 22nd

Anyone that has spoken to me in the last two weeks knows that I have been non-stop discussing the heavy topics that I’ve heard on The Current and This American Life podcasts. I’ve had many conversations with my family and dearest friends about privilege, human nature, and our own role in this world. Overall I’ve been feeling very disenchanted with this world and the life I am living here in Seoul. I’ve been plagued with questions like: Am I really making the world a better place? How many other issues does my privilege allow me to ignore? What can I do to enact positive change?  In the end, my hero and sister Katherine said it best, There are so many battles to fight but being self-aware of our own behaviours and being a positive influence in the relationships we have… helps in some small way to make the world a little better.

So this edition of my blog is going to focus on staying playful. This idea comes straight from my yoga practice. In times that are difficult, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, we need to remember to smile. So often, I am overwhelmed by negative emotions when I find myself in a difficult situation UNTIL I give myself a dose of perspective and realize that I have the choice to laugh, and smile, and  be grateful in those moments. Thus, the second focus of this blog is staying mindful. Continuously self-reflect in this life and never stop growing!

Here are some of the incredible moments that happened in my life  since my last post. Enjoy!

Suwon Fortress 

Amanda, Nicole and I visited Suwon fortress. It’s amazing that back in the day these walls would protect Seoul from invasion. Now Suwon is splayed between the bricks and boasts almost 1 million people!

Headstands and Feeling Healthy

Whether I’m working out on the Han with Nicole (which is impossible now due to the humidity), going to my yoga studio or searching Seoul for healthy food, finding ways to feel good is always on my mind! There are endless nooks and crannies of this city to explore 🙂

Accepting Change~ farewells for now

Woah, this past month was emotional. I have been with the same bunch for 6 months and they have meant the world to me! Coming to Korea alone and not meeting any other new people at training, I relied on these people at and outside of work. It may sound cheesy, but these beautiful people will always be my family! Thinking about Andrew and Charlie not being here still brings tears to my eyes, but I know I’ll see them again! Love you two! Thankfully, we got two amazing additions to our team~ Olivia and Bove 🙂


So I crossed another one off the bucket list- CAMPING! We headed out on the long-weekend with bags full of beer and soju, and  an unclear plan of how the weekend was going to go. When we got to the campsite (after 6 hours of travel time due to traffic) they told us there were no spots! Thankfully being nice and flashing our waygook smiles caused them to pity us and they got us a spot! All I can say is that this weekend filled me with such joy! Sleeping outside beside a mountain, which we later climbed, sharing stories and laughter with the people I love, and of course eating all day made this trip a highlight of my time here in Korea.

Bukhansan Hike Pt. 2

So Nicole, Olivia, and I hiked Bukhansan again! I’d like to say we didn’t take a wrong turn this time so I’ll just skim over that part… With legs that felt like lead, we climbed/crawled our way to the very top, and boy was it worth it! The high I get from climbing mountains is addictive and I’m already planning my next one!


Enjoy these random shots…

Wow! I hope that wasn’t too boring! This posts mirrors my life right now…. an emotional roller coaster ^^ Thanks for reading ❤



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