Nunes Ladies in Asia: A 3 Part Series

October 6th-October 23rd

Hello beautiful people!

So as you all probably know my lovely mother and sister came to visit me last month! It was a whirlwind vacation for them as we tried to tackle all the sights Seoul, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Miyajima had to offer. This is the introduction to three posts that I will be posting over the few days, as I invited them to also write about their experiences. So, let’s set the stage a bit and start from the eve of their arrival.

The week before they arrived was stressful and riddled with anxiety. On top of preparing for three grown-ass women staying in my tiny apartment, I was busy at work, and my online course started! At least I had something to do that night as I battled excitement-induced insomnia.

That Friday at work was a blur, as was my bike ride home. I knew they were waiting for me in my apartment, as Katherine thankfully eased my anxious mind and sent me a message earlier, “it’s nice….but small!”. I was trembling as I opened my door to an apparently empty room with the lights off. Typical of my family to try and play a joke on me after 10 months apart! I probably shouted some swear words which caused my mom to spoil the ruse and grab me in one of those tight mother embraces I had missed so much. What followed was- I know I’m dramatic but for real- 3 minutes of uncontrollable sobbing by my mom and I. Katherine hovered around the edges laughing at us, obviously. Our reunion is a memory so powerful and one that I will never forget. All the negative emotions that has taken me over the week before fell away. I didn’t have to be competent, smiley Ashley that helps everyone; I could be baby sister Ashalina who was blessed to have her favourite people in this world standing in front of her… in Korea!

Over the next 3 days you can look forward to each of us sharing or best memories and giving an overwhelming overview of what we did on this trip. Stay with us!



One comment

  1. mamma jamma · November 8, 2016

    Oh my, reading this brought that moment back for me and I actually started crying. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the next two parts. Love mamma jamma


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